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Questions and Answers

We are eager to be part of the Springville and Utah County community.  Here are some of the most asked questions we have received.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if your question is not answered here.  You can email us by clicking here.

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Question: What are you going to do at the Rivoli?

Answer: The Rivoli Theater (also known as the Villa) has had a long history of showcasing movies and live-performance events.  It first opened its doors almost 100 years ago!  We want to continue that legacy AND the tradition of giving community members an opportunity to perform and present their work in both live and filmed formats.  We are opening a professional theatre company (the first in Utah County) and are involving the community in every aspect of performance, design, and tech.  The ongoing goal is creating top tier professional productions that include local talent and aspiring students in addition to nationally renowned artists.

Question: Who is the Rivoli Acting Company?

Answer: Formerly known as Iron Stage Theatrical, the company has been in operation for 10 years now.  Led by Artistic Director, Zac Trotter, they have been producing lively and engaging theatre in Southern Utah.  The dream has always been to "Bring Art Home" back to Utah County where half of the production team grew up.  We teamed up with The Rivoli Theater and have been getting the old building ready to host local performances again and our unique brand of theatre art.

Question: Can I audition?

Answer: Absolutely!  Auditions will always be posted on this website as well as on Facebook.  We are committed to casting/hiring equally from 3 demographics: industry professionals, local artists, and interns.  If you fall into more than one of the categories, even better!  Check out our Jobs & Auditions page and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the loop.

Question: Do you pay your actors/crew?

Answer: We sure do!  As a professional theatre company we ensure that artists are compensated for their work.  Payment will depend on the length of the show/rehearsal process, but will be accessible before an artist accepts any role.

Question: How many seats are available for each performance?

Answer: Right now, there are about 250 seats available in the Rivoli.  We will add more during the renovation and the balcony will also be available to purchase seats in.

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Question: What is the plan for restoring the space?

Answer: We will be presenting the musical, "Winter Wonderettes" December 10-21 and then closing the space again for the winter/spring as we renovate, remodel, and prepare for the requirements of all the technology that will be part of productions.  The plan, if all goes well, is to open our doors again in June to coincide with Art City Days in 2022.

Question: Are the shows appropriate to bring my family to?

Answer: Almost always.  We want as many people to come to our shows as possible and we know that means providing and producing shows you want to see and that you can bring your family and friends to.  It is advised to not bring small children to the theatre as they will have a difficult time sitting in a dark room for an extended period of time.  Content advisory and a synopsis of the play will always be available on the website so you can make the call for you and your family.

Question: Can I rent the theatre for my own event?

Answer: Yes you can.  More details about how and pricing will be coming as we work through renovation.

Question: How many shows are you doing a year?

Answer: We will produce 7 shows a year in February, April, June, July/August, October, and December.  We will also be running Youth Training Programs in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Tickets will be on sale as far as a year in advance on the website once we open full-time.

Question: What is the Youth Training Program?

Answer: We are committed to training the next generation of theatre artists and patrons.  We believe the best way to learn about and improve in performance is to do it.  We will be producing youth and junior shows throughout the year to give young artists the chance to perform AND to work in technical positions.  We do not believe in just putting kids on stage for grandma to take pictures.  Instead these training programs work with professional actors, designers, choreographers, and music directors to train kids in the craft and to develop skills they will be able to take into future productions, their school classes, and into college.  The first production will be in Summer of 2022.

Question: What about adults?  Can we get that training too?

Answer: That's the plan.  We will offer dance, vocal, acting, and tech classes and workshops every month to train and teach those skills to whoever is interested.  The workshops will likely begin in Fall of 2022.

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Question: When are you open?

Answer: Currently we will be open in December from the 10-21 with doors opening at 2:30pm and 6:30pm on performance days.  Once we are fully open, the plan will be to have the lobby open Monday-Saturday from 1:00pm-9:00pm.  There will be workshops, rehearsals, and classes going on throughout the week.  Even if you're not in a training, stop by and grab a treat from our confectionary that will offer unique candies and sweets.

Question: What about movies and film events?

Answer: In addition to live performances, the Rivoli will show classic movies twice a week.  There will also be showing film made by local artists and will host a film festival.  Classic movies will begin showing in Fall of 2022 and the film festival events will likely begin in the fall of 2023.

Question: How can I buy tickets?

Answer: Tickets are available now online on our tickets page.  You can also purchase tickets at the door at the time of the performance.  It is advised to buy tickets early as the seating is extremely limited.

Question: Why is it difficult to get ahold of you over the phone?

Answer: Many of us are also teachers and have classes during the day.  If we miss your call, we apologize and will get back to you quickly.  Normally calls are returned in the late afternoon.

Question: What!  The theatre is haunted!?!

Answer: That is the rumor.  We've seen and heard things that could maybe be a ghost, but nothing definitive.  We'll look into it and get back to you.

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